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The Sontag Foundation Scientific Advisor Kenneth D. Aldape M.D.

Kenneth D. Aldape, M.D.

National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute
Sontag Scientific Advisor

Dr. Aldape is a diagnostic and molecular neuropathologist with a research interest in primary brain tumors.

Dr. Aldape studies genomic and epigenomic alterations in brain tumors, including glioma and meningioma. His lab characterizes the biology of specific genomic alterations and how they contribute to the molecular pathogenesis and treatment resistance of aggressive brain tumors. His lab also utilizes genomic signatures with a goal of identifying clinically relevant subclasses. His hope is that biologically-based classification of brain tumors will lead to a greater understanding of why specific tumor subtypes may be more or less sensitive to therapeutics. Prior to joining the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Aldape held faculty positions at the University of California, San Francisco, MD Anderson Cancer Center where he served as Department Chair of Pathology and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre where he served as a Senior Scientist. Dr. Aldape is a past President of Society for Neuro-Oncology and serves as an Executive Editor of Neuro-Oncology.

Current Appointment

Chief, Laboratory of Pathology, National Cancer Institute


B.A.S., Stanford University

M.D., University of California, School of Medicine, San Francisco