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“The courage the Sontags have shown not only to battle brain cancer, but to engender a culture of risk taking and innovation to find new tactics to combat this disease is inspiring.”

Ben Deneen, Ph.D. ’11 DSA
Professor, Department of Neurosurgery
Professor, Center for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine

Why Venture Philanthropy?

We make loans and equity investments to further our mission and expand the impact of our grant making programs. Our goal is to foster the advancement of promising technology by investing in early stage, high-risk/high-reward opportunities to attract financially motivated investors and accelerate the developmental pipeline.

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Investment Strategy

We focus our resources solely on opportunities to advance our charitable mission. While we take chances in pursuit of impact, we also seek overall return of principal so we can recycle capital and maximize our long-term effectiveness. Our investments are typically structured as loans and equity investments, and we work with both for-profit and non-profit entities.

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Fund Investment Profile

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Areas of Interest

Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Medical Devices & Other Technologies.

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What We Provide

IP Support, Startup Seed Capital, Management Support, & Help Driving Pipeline Expansion/Repurposing.

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Our Difference

Flexible, long-term/patient investments, and access to a network of top investment professionals, clinicians, and researchers.

Contact Sontag Innovation Fund

For all inquiries please contact:

Scott Davis, Ph.D.
Senior Life Sciences Associate