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Daniel Ryan

Managing Director, The Spring Bay Companies

Dan is the Managing Director of The Spring Bay Companies, the family office for the Sontag family and a provider of management services for The Sontag Foundation and Brain Tumor Network. Dan also oversees the venture portfolio of the Spring Bay Companies that consists of a range of early stage privately-held businesses, primarily in healthcare. Dan is responsible for sourcing and executing investment transactions and then assisting portfolio companies achieve their aims through his board membership engagement.

Dan began his career as an engineer for Sundstrand Corporation, a major manufacturer of aviation systems. In 1988, Rick Sontag hired Dan to serve in a marketing role at Unison Industries and helped grow Unison from a small operation to a corporation with 1,500 employees and worldwide sales of $200 million. Dan held numerous senior positions at Unison, including VP Marketing and VP Operations. After Unison was sold to General Electric, Dan joined Rick at the Sontag Foundation and helped form the venture capital operations of the Spring Bay Companies. Dan also serves as a board member of The Brain Tumor Network and a member of The Sontag Foundation Investment Advisory Board.


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

M.B.A., Duke University