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2018 Sontag Award Recipient

" Funding from the Sontag Foundation is allowing my lab to pursue innovative, breakthrough technologies and discover fundamental biological insights that may ultimately be translated to more effective treatments for aggressive cancer types, especially primary brain tumors such as GBM."

About DSA-Funded Research

Dr. Chen is leading a research group to seek global understandings of the molecular and cellular factors controlling disease progression and immunity. His group continuously invents versatile systems that enable rapid identification of novel targets and development of new modalities of cancer immunotherapy, cell therapy and gene therapy. His goal is to uncover novel insights in cancer and various other immunological diseases and develop next generation therapeutics.

Current Appointment(s)
  • Associate Professor of Genetics, Yale School of Medicine
  • Peking University, B.S. Biological Science
  • The University of Chicago, M.S. Evolutionary Genetics, Computational Biology
  • Stanford University, Visiting student, Biology
  • The University of Chicago, Ph.D., Evolutionary Genetics
  • Broad Institute, Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Genome Engineering
  • MIT, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cancer Genetics