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2010 Sontag Award Recipient

"Given the challenges of starting a research program, the Foundation's dedication to supporting the best science in the service of brain tumor research has been a boon to young investigators. I deeply appreciate your efforts to forge a personal connection to each of us and to cultivate the Foundation as an extended family, in which I have felt comfortable discussing not only the science but also many of the other barriers that young investigators face in launching a research program."

About DSA-Funded Research

The Rohatgi Lab is working to elucidate the biochemical and cell biological principles that govern signaling pathways that sit at the intersection between developmental biology and cancer. Their toolkit combines bulk biochemical techniques, such as cell-free reconstitution, with microscopy using novel optical probes to study the dynamics of signal propagation in cells. The group strives to develop novel strategies for the manipulation of these pathways for cancer therapies and applications in regenerative medicine.

Current Appointment(s)
  • Associate Professor of Biochemistry and of Medicine (Oncology)
  • Harvard College, A.B., Biochemical Sciences
  • Harvard Medical School, M.D., Ph.D., Medicine; Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Internship, Internal Medicine
  • Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Residency, Internal Medicine
  • Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Fellowship, Medical Oncology
  • Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Postdoctoral Fellow, Developmental Biology