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2005 Sontag Award Recipient

"The impact the Foundation has had on the research and trajectory of my lab can not be overestimated. The support has truly made all the difference. I and all of my trainees send our heartfelt thanks!"

About DSA-Funded Research

The Meffert lab studies mechanisms underlying enduring changes in brain function. They are interested in understanding how programs of gene expression are coordinated and maintained to produce changes in synaptic, neuronal, and cognitive function. Rather than concentrating on single genes, her research is particularly focused on understanding the upstream processes that allow neuronal stimuli to synchronously orchestrate both up and down-regulation of the many genes required to mediate changes in growth and excitation.

Current Appointment(s)
  • Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University
  • Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University
  • B.S., Stanford University
  • M.D., Stanford University
  • M.S., Stanford University
  • Ph.D., Stanford University