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2022 Sontag Award Recipient

About DSA-Funded Research

The Venkatesh lab studies the reciprocal interactions between the central nervous system and brain cancers. Their work emphasizes the electrical components of glioma pathophysiology and highlights the extent to which the brain and its neurons can control and facilitate disease progression. The understanding of these co-opting mechanisms has led to novel strategies to broadly treat cancers, by disabling their ability to electrically integrate into neural circuitry. Their pioneering efforts in this emerging field of cancer neuroscience aims to harness the systems level microenvironmental dependencies of tumor growth to develop innovative therapeutic treatments.

Current Appointment(s)
  • Assistant Professor, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
  • University of California, Berkeley, CA, B.S., Chemical Biology
  • University of California, San Francisco, CA, Research Associate, Neuro-oncology
  • Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Ph.D., Cancer Biology
  • Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Postdoctoral Fellow, Neuroscience