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2013 Sontag Award Recipient

"The Sontag Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award provided funding for my lab at a critical stage of my career. The Sontag Foundation was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals."

About DSA-Funded Research

Dr. Zheng is applying a quantitative glioma cell differentiation reporter system, in conjunction with his customized epigenetic RNAi library, to execute a comprehensive study of the epigenetic modifiers whose suppression will promote glioma cell differentiation and thus reduce tumorigenic potential. The fact that epigenetic aberrations, unlike genetic alterations, are potentially reversible makes the initiative promising and therapeutically relevant. It is his belief that the proposed studies will elaborate a list of novel therapeutic targets that can be enrolled into productive drug discovery and development efforts against malignant gliomas.

Current Appointment(s)
  • Assistant Professor of Research in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Sichuan University, B.S., Biochemistry
  • Sichuan University, M.S., Genetics
  • Boston University, Ph.D., Biochemistry
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Postdoctoral Fellowship