"I can tell you that I am driven, driven by the dissatisfaction with the current situation in which we desperately need better treatments for our brain tumor patients. It never discourages me; rather, I am all the more motivated to work harder, to look closer."

- Dr. Joon Uhm

Academic Appointments

  • Chair, Division of Neuro-Oncology (Mayo Clinic Rochester)
  • Co-Chair, CNS Tumor Disease Oriented Group
  • Enterprise Subspecialty Director of Neuro-Oncology for all three Mayo Clinic sites (Rochester, Arizona, Florida)
  • Neurologist, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
  • Associate Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester

About DSA-Funded Research

Targeting invasion in brain tumor therapeutics

There is no doubt that the most "malignant" characteristic of gliomas is their ability to infiltrate and invade the surrounding brain. Therefore, our laboratory has focused our research to develop treatments directed towards arresting tumor cell motility. To that end, we have identified a key link between a protein called EGFR and its ability to turn on the molecules that in turn function as the 'traction and artillery', similar to that of an advancing tank that allows that malignant cell to move in the brain. Our research seeks to target these mediators of invasion with novel chemotherapy drugs. With the funding support of The Sontag Foundation, we hope to make the discoveries that one day lead to better, more effective, treatments for our patients.


"In total, Joon's training combined with his consistently high level of accomplishment in both clinical and research endeavors indicate that he is indeed destined to be a leader in the field. The Sontag Foundation's investment in Joon's future in essence represents an investment in the future of neuro-oncology and the patients it serves."

C. David James, Ph.D.
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

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