Since its founding in 2002, The Sontag Foundation has passionately supported people and organizations who make a significant and continuing impact in the lives of individuals with a major strategic focus on brain cancer research and support for patients with brain cancer.

Distinguished Scientist Awards

Through its annual Distinguished Scientist Awards, the Foundation provides career and research support for the best and brightest young scientists who, with their sights set on gaining new understanding about brain cancer, ultimately strive to make a difference for patients suffering from this intractable disease. The awards are given to candidates who are early in their careers and demonstrate outstanding promise to make scientific and medical breakthroughs. To this end, the Foundation equips recipients with the funding and partnerships they need to build strong, independent careers.

Brain Tumor Funders’ Collaborative

In addition to its DSA grants, the Foundation provides research funding as one of five partners of the Brain Tumor Funders’ Collaborative. This collaborative partnership is accelerating progress in brain tumor research through supporting innovative research and strategic collaborations which would normally be beyond the scope of any of the individual funding organizations.

Arthritis National Research Foundation

As a funding partner to the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF), the Foundation supports the efforts of scientists who are discovering new treatments for patients living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Health & Growth in Northeast Florida

Since its founding, The Sontag Foundation has provided financial and organizational support to 58 nonprofit organizations based in Northeast Florida who carry the Foundation’s vision to see its community-at-large become healthier, safer and stronger. Its current focus in Northeast Florida is to increase access to care in oral health by committing funds to foster a collaboration between Healing Hands Dental and Medical Clinic of Community Health Outreach and The Sulzbacher Center.